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Social Media Marketing Mistakes - 06 Mar 2019 10:46


I thought that I can get my three most common mistakes in social media marketing and I will put them in a small list so that people can soon get help to ignore the difficulties I have seen. Who knows, maybe you can avoid hiring someone like me if you can fix it yourself !! birthday Instagram captions

1: Do not promote
Social media marketing is about advertising, but many people do not advertise their profile or they randomly "like us on Facebook!" it is said. now. Was it enough for you to join a brand on Facebook? Okay.

Adding social sites / sharing icons to your blog posts and email signatures can also be a great help. Keep in mind that all your social outlets are connected so that blogs, YouTube channels, email campaigns, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and others will be counted forever!

When you write a new blog post, announce it. Every time you add a new product, website, service, you are advertising. Post links to your feeds and talk a bit (do not spam your links without content)! Advertising means hypocrisy. Therefore, if you believe that you are now promoting your blog by posting links, then you are not advertising. If you add a video and do not post to FB, Twitter etc. you will not be promoted. Get Drift?

2: incomplete profile
I think people are busy in their own businesses and always have time to bring their profile from 96% to 100 systems!

However, you must have all your profiles (yes, Facebook and Twitter more!) With brittle content with good content. And not just 4 or 5 words, but actual, personal details, bios and others. Links to your website and blog are essential for complete contact information.

Do not forget to load images. Your logo should be optimized in the size of your website so that it is not ambiguous or ambiguous. If you can add a video, be sure to include YouTube, Vine, Instagram and all other types of videos. You people believe that there will be time and effort in your presence.

3: Get more outlets
Did you know that top companies are active on the average of 7 social networking sites? It means that not only one! Crazy, what? birthday Instagram captions

So if you have an extension and active on Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Vine, LinkedIn, Foursquare and people who actually use it you can find it. Just follow the first two tips when you are there! - Comments: 0

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